Commodity12 Project – Continous Multi-parametric and Multi-layered analysis of Diabetes Type 1 and 2

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Summary 9th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare May 20-23, Istanbul, Turkey – June 2015
At the Pervasive Health Congress, Commodity12 held its final workshop…

New project partner COMMODITY12 – April 2015
We are delighted to officially welcome our new project partner …

COMMODITY12 project extended – April 2015
The European Commission has granted its permission to extend …

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This project is partially funded
by the European Commission under
the 7th Framework Programme

eHealthWelcome to the Commodity12 Project

COntinuous Multi-parametric and Multi-layered analysis Of DIabetes TYpe 1 & 2

COMMODITY12 aims to design, build, and validate an intelligent system for the analysis of multi-parametric medical data. It will uptake the existing cutting-edge technologies and extend these technologies by combining state-of-the-art networks, software interoperation, and artificial intelligence techniques in order to realize the concept of translational medicine by means of a Personal Health System. Moreover, the COMMODITY12 system will build a new level in patient empowerment, providing the tools for self-management support. Indirectly, this system will also help wider implementation of Personal Health Systems, reinforcing leadership and innovation capability of the European industry in that area.

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